About Archway Branch

Archway Branch has a new venue and it’s rock steady all the way. We are set-up in the comfortable booths and tables of Big Red, the pub at the corner of Holloway Road and Seven Sisters Road. It’s really easy to get there because bus routes 4, 17, 43, 263, N41 and N271, come right by. There is access for wheelchairs through a side door and ramp, and there is an accessible toilet. Let us know if you have any other needs for physical or social support and we will do our best to help if we can.

The pub serves all sorts of soft drinks, beers, wines and cocktails and you can order pizza directly from your table from Yard Sale Pizzas. Or stop off at nearby McDonald’s, KFC, Azuma, Acropolis, Bluebell Bistro, or Cheat Meals for a bite on the way.

Big Red looks big, dark and scary from the outside but there is a very warm welcome inside from their lovely bar staff and there is always someone from Role Play Haven to meet and greet you and find you a safe seat if there is space. We have a very diverse bunch of players and we do our best to make everyone very welcome and comfortable. There’s plenty of room and some nice cosy booths – perfect for role playing games.

In the past we have run, D&D 5e, Cthulhu, Tales from the Loop, Traveller, Delta Green, Pathfinder, Nights Black Agents, Alien, Ultraviolet Grasslands, CyberPunk, Blades in the Dark, Starfinder, Star Trek, Runequest and others.

If you need further help, please check out our New to Our Club guide

385 Holloway Rd, London N7 0RY

Branch Elections

Every year, the branch hosts an Annual Branch Meeting (ABM) during the month of its establishment. Interested members may apply to become a volunteer committee and shape the club future.

Branch Established: Jan 2018
Join The Committee: Click Here



The members of this branch have voted to support the charity Shelter from the Storm.

Shelter From The Storm is a free emergency night shelter providing bed, dinner and breakfast for people who have experienced homelessness.


Disabled Friendly?
Wheelchair access through a side door and ramp. There is an accessible toilet.

Age Restriction?
– This branch is 18+ only

Food and Drink?
– Alcoholic drinks are available at the bar but not food.
– You can bring food in or order to the venue

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