ABM Results for Cardiff Central and North

The red dragon has taken flight and once again meant that our Welsh Branches have been able to meet and roll dice together!

Both the Cardiff Central and Cardiff North branches made the most of this and recently held their annual branch meetings.

In the Cardiff Central our members were able to gather and vote on their Leaders and Member representatives. Tasha Davies is the mighty Branch Manager, supported by the brilliant Phil May as Games Coordinator.

Cardiff Central members are represented by Matt Leggatt and Kyle Davies, so please relay all concerns or feedback through these two.

Cardiff North, took on a whole host of ardent adventurers and scientists as they brought their committee back up to full strength. Tim Burke continues to manage the Cardiff North Branch, while Richard Phipps joins the team as the illustrious Games Coordinator.

The members at the Cardiff North Branch are to be represented by Jim Hutchins and Wayne Street, who are your go to people for any issues or feedback you want to pass on.

Want to get involved in your branch committee? Talk to your member representatives and be sure to stand in the next annual branch meeting.

Written By Scott Turner

Post Details:

15 March, 2022

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