£796 raised at DnD For Mental Health!!!

Over here at the RP Haven we are still buzzing from the amazing #DnD4Mentalhealth event, the first in “The Rolistes presents” series and an event proudly sponsored by The RP Haven! Once again the RPG community in London (and further a field) shows how its filled with amazing people as we all gathered to play games, raise money and speak about mental health! 
With amazing day being had by everyone, we raised a fantastic £796.22 for MIND! We also had amazing conversations about Mental health and about breaking down barriers surrounding speaking about our mental health and thrashing out how we can support our community!

If you like to hear some of that conversation (including our own community director Dave), you can here: 


Subscribe to The Rolistes to hear when the second panel is published!, And if you would like a chance to meet and speak with your fellow gamers about big and small issues, you can!! Check out;https://www.facebook.com/LondonLeDrinksAndDice/  Or find the The RP Haven at Dragonmeet at the end of November!

So we also want to say a Big Thanks for all organisations involved that helped make this event happen!

  • So big thanks to the London RPG Community for organising the role playing games and volunteering at the event!
  • The Rolistes for hosting the amazing panels and for encouraging the conversation about mental health.
  • Thanks to all those who donated to the prizes! Especially the very generous donation of Dnd books from Wizards of the Coasts! Not to forget the amazing artwork from an amazing member of the community and another who donated the huge jar of dice!
  • Thanks to Bad Moon Cafe for there ace gaming space!!!
  • A huge thanks to The Panelists; The Goblin’s Chest, No More Damsels, World Anvil, Encounter Roleplay and Critical Role UK Fan Group
  • A lastly and most importantly the biggest of thank yous and love to the players and GMs who came down, gamed hard and donated generously! You people rock!

Please check all these amazing organisations out! 

https://www.mind.org.uk https://dnd.wizards.com https://rolistespod.com

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22 October, 2019

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