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Membership FAQ

We hope this Membership FAQ page will help resolve any technical problems you have resolving registration and understand any questions you may have. 


Where can I find my membership number? 

This is the nine-digit number displayed on your membership card.

New membership numbers are generated every year, so please do not get too attached to your number. We're also unable to allow you to pick your number as this given at random.


My membership card number does not work on this website!

Please enter your nine-digit number and remember to include the space after the 3rd digit and the 6th digit number, as displayed on the card. See preview image on the left.

If you still have problems please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and quote your membership number and where you purchased your membership card.


I cannot find where to enter my membership number?

Select "Membership" button at the top of the page and then scroll down. Select "Activate your Membership Card" and then complete the form. Halfway down the page you will see "Your Membership Number"


I've entered my membership number, but my account is not active?

Make sure you fully review the form for any errors. These will be highlighted in red. 




When does my membership expire and can I renew it?

Absolutely! You will get an email one month before its due to expire and then anther notification closer to expire date. Login and select in the Membership box on the right, under log out "Edit membership".

Membership expires at the end of September every year, review your card for this date.

Will I be charged if I try to active my membership card without entering my membership number?


Are payments secure on this website? 

All payment are done via Paypal who guarantee the security of your card details and you receive your product.


Can I buy my card at a branch instead?






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