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 As many of you are aware our website was maliciously cyber attacked last year. It was only in January 2017 our website was taken down for the safety of our members and public. 

Why has it taken so long? Instead of the typical website attacks its much more effective for the hacker to insert malware, which can stay undetected for several months until your host company detects it or worse google notice! In January our host company informed us a number of malware was detected and quarantined the files right away and almost at the same time google noticed us, which meant we became black listed.

We've been busy going throw backups trying to restore the website over last two months, but every backup we found was infected. We have also been planning on a rebuild, but the cost of some of the features used on our website meant a rebuild would cost around £250, which has to lead to us waiting for available funds.

We are now rebuilding! The new site will look much the same as before, but much more compact and yet simple to use (I Hope). Some features have been removed to reduce cost and valuable areas from further attacks. The website will no longer have duel sites for branches, instead, they are listed together. The site will be upgraded on our host side to improve security and we also looking into secure sever for extra security.

Is your information on the site safe? Yes! No private data was access as this is store already on a secure sever. All card details we used on the website was done via PayPal.

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