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Prometheans: The Space Gods


Before there were Moonicorns, before even Space Wurm; there were the… PROMETHEANS.

It is the dawn of galactic history.Within the molecular clouds spiralling away from the Galactic Core, elementals forge protostars. The galaxy is primeval, untamed and in places; unformed. Stellar Intelligences, titanic living stars traverse the galaxy like gods. They surround themselves with orbiting ringworld city-states crammed with servants and worshippers, and with asteroid fields of planetoid-sized machinery that harvest worlds, forging armies of angels out of their biomass and orgone.

Civilisations have taken root on various nursery worlds. Most are primitive praying to avoid the attention of alien gods or cosmic-scale beings that would consume their homeworld. But those worlds who are brave or desperate enough have taken their first steps into the void, sailing between worlds and stars.

Across this fledgling galaxy stride the Prometheans; descended from dragons, setting sail from their Holds, they chart the void, bringing civilisation to some worlds and tyranny to others. Prometheans are of divine origin, demi-godlike heroes of old, capable of great things, but not necessarily good things.

Things to fight:

  • Void-spiders; cosmic-scaled arachnid planetovores, spinning incomprehensibly huge megastructure webs to trap and consume worlds. They are able to crawl across their webs between systems. The Prometheans have been known to traverse these webs as well, using them to rapidly travel across the galaxy.
  • Starbeasts; space dragons. When a Promethean falls they twist into a starbeast.
  • The Shrieking Hordes: unformed nightmares from void. They erupt from the wild and barely shaped galactic frontier to ravage civilisations.
  • Elementals; raw cosmic primordials.
  • Giants; elemental creatures. Void travelling comet ice giants, asteroid-mining stone giants, volcanic fire giants and cloud giants building floating cities with the upper atmospheres of gas giants.
  • Solar Fey; as dryads are the spirits of trees, these fey are the spirits of stars. They may, one day, become the fabled Moonicorns.
  • Created Gods; whether as objects of veneration or protection, some worlds make their own gods,. They could be powerful AIs or perhaps they are orgone-powered golems?
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