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North London Branch - Update II

After a number of delays, we're pleased to announce we are finally ready to start forming North London Branch. Our estimated date for the doors to open will be summer 2018 and we've got a lot of work ahead of us.

We are currently looking into venues but before we start this process we need to make sure we pick the right location and gaming night. Please, can you take a moment to complete this short survey?

North London

Interested in helping form this branch or becoming a volunteer committee member? Please reply to this email or complete the above survey.

Already run a club? Please do get in touch. The Role Play Haven is made up of a number of clubs already, all working together to form a haven, bound by a legal constitution and code of conduct that protects you and the members. Many people in the industry describe us as a charity franchise.

Lastly, please share this survey around and tell your friends. This club will only be successful with your help bringing the community together. 

Announcements for ABM and elections for all branch...
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