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Kenya 4b: Kenya the Third


Warning: potential Masks of Nyarlathotep spoilers below.

The centre of G'harne is dominated by a great coliseum. A towering structure, rising far above the steaming jungle and the city's tumbled ruins.

The arena is packed with stinking semi-erect man-brutes screaming their hatred at the sacrifices on the arena sand below them. Their howls, the drums and stretching animal horns rent the air, mixing with the prayers of priestesses into a perfect cacophony.

The arena below is sand stained black with blood and pitted with steaming vents and here and there are iron cages filled with weeping prisoners; sacrifices for the tentacular gods of G'harne, the dread Chthonians.

Unless she has betrayed The Mask and/or possibly joined the Robo and the Action Cabinet, M'Weru herself will be officiating at this sacrifice, leading her fellow priestesses. And as the drumming and chanting reaches a climax, Hypatia Masters herself is pulled from out from a cage and brutally dragged into the middle of the arena. Our heroes will have to act fast to effect a rescue, because when the drumming falls silent, the Chthonians will arise. And they'll be hungry. 

North London Update V
A Halloween Scare feast at the Stratford Branch


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