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Kenya 4a: The Black Winds of Lost G’harne


 Warning: potential Masks of Nyarlathotep spoilers below.

Travel across the north Kenyan plains and just as the guides expect the forests to begin to thin, a traveller will find that the forest suddenly thickens, turning green and lurid and at the heart of this jungle lies G'harne the lost city.

G'harne is a relic of some antediluvian prehistoric, possibly pre-human, civilisation. The architecture is Greek-like, but the scale is off; everything from the crumbling marble steps, to the vine-covered vaulted doorways are a little too large. Walls are covered in unknown and yet eerily familiar runes as well as carvings of beast's unknown to modern science. And nowhere are the builders of this city represented by art…

The city is split in half by a chasm with the buildings closest to the chasm toppled into heaps of rubble. Perhaps G'harne was wracked by the same seismic cataclysm that sunk Atlantis?

The city's surviving human population is a curious mix of ethnicities, but with a common tongue deriving from Pharaonic Egyptian. They exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism caused perhaps by a combination of excessive inbreeding and selective culling. Consequently, the women of G'harne appear perfectly human, while the men are brutes. The tribes of G'harne are matriarchal, ruled over by a caste of priestesses. Perhaps M'Weru is amongst their number?

Next time we'll cover the horrific sacrifices to G'harne's tentacular gods.
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