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It's the season to be jolly and dice rolling

We now reaching towards the end of the last gaming quarter (Q4) and the branches fall to the festive break until Q1, which starts in the second week of January... But not until we've had our Christmas Events, here a full update.

Lewisham Branch Christmas Event on Wednesday 13th December. Here what they had to say about it:

"The Lewisham Branch's annual Christmas Pub Quiz is going back to basics this year (not red book basic, but pub quiz basic), setting aside the buzzers and bells, losing the whistles and wind-chimes, and consigning the feats of strength to a different edition, and kicking it old school with a traditional pub quiz. So put away your helms and space-suits for a week, get your thinking caps on, and take part in our top of the line nerd-culture quiz. Don't have a team? We'll get you sorted (Hufflepuff?). Entry is free, so bring your friends, bring your family, bring your super-intelligent pets and bring your enthusiasm to argue with your team and answer questions about science fiction, fantasy, cinema, tv, literature, comic books and role-playing games."

by Darren (Lewisham Committee Member)

Stratford Branch Christmas Event on Tuesday 19th December. Let's hear from them:


As this quarter draws to a close, come along to RP Haven Stratford's First
Ever Christmas Quiz!

On the 19th December, we will be running the best ever gaming quiz
(probably), with questions taken from all over the gaming world. From
RPG's to boardgames, films to video games, and a fun bonus round! Come
along and test your team to their limit.

Best of all, this is a free night for everyone. So please do come along to
celebrate the season and gain bragging rights for the New Year."

by Kat (Stratford Committee Member)

 Last year winners with their bundle of shiny gifts from Lewisham Branch. This year will be the same with each branch having £100 worth of loot for the winners!

Now for an update on our Closing and Re-Opening dates over Christmas:

 Tuesday 26th - Stratford Branch Closed
 Wednesday 27th - Lewisham Branch Closed
 Tuesday 2nd - Stratford Branch Closed
 Wednesday 3rd - Lewisham Branch Closed
 Tuesday 9th - Stratford and Archway Branch Open
 Wednesday 10th - Lewisham Branch Open

The Role Play Haven CIC is operated by volunteers - this means email queries over the festive period will be responded upon our return in January, as we will all be busy drinking and playing board games.

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