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Hello guys! Today I'm going to open the blog to talk about Nibiru, a game I've been developing and in which the RP Haven members have had a huge impact in (since the playtests for the game started there—and continue to this day!).

Nibiru is a game set in a huge space station, home to millions, where the players take on the role of Vagabonds (people who woke up with no memories of their past). The main focus of the game is on remembrance, and has its whole system built around that theme.

So how does it work?

Essentially, player characters start the game and eventually acquire what is called Memory Points. These represent the untapped potential to remember. Now, as with most role playing games, you get to do certain actions that have you rolling dice to see if you are successful. In Nibiru, we have that, but since Memories in this game come mostly from actions, muscle memory and triggered flashbacks, we have a system in which these rolls will also give you the chance to remember and to sculpt your PC, both mechanically and story-wise.

Memory Points, thus, can be used when you are rolling to trigger a Flashback. Check the example below!

"Thomas holds the club up high. A few meters ahead, the enemy charges with thunderous fury; a terrifying sight, indeed. Thomas tightens the grip, and prepares to swing. For a split second, he bats his eyelashes, and a familiar image crosses his mind. He grins. He's back in the game"

​Triggering a Flashback means three things are going to happen. First, you will be automatically successful in your roll. The Vagabond is effectively inspired by the sudden remembrance, and performs the action near-flawlessly. Second, the player gets to write a Memory Entry related to the action at hand. Memory entries are in your Journal Page, and each one contains a remembrance of your character's past, which helps flesh out the character's concept. Thirdly, you get a permanent bonus to the type of action you performed. You succeeded because you are good at this, and now that you remember how to do this, you can apply this to better yourself! In the case of Thomas above, this might be a bonus to Batting (now he will roll extra dice for this!) and might apply to a variety of different situations, at the Narrator's discretion.

That'll be all for today! Stay tuned for more, and feel free to hop by to the Nibiru table for any questions :)

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Garry Harper on Thursday, 05 October 2017 11:57

Looking forward to the Kickstarter!

Looking forward to the Kickstarter!


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