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Don't get puzzled... We had TWO quizzes!


It is not the cheap bubbly you had at your work Christmas party, making you see double; The RP Haven really had two quizzes this year! 

Each year the gaming tables close with a critical success and the branches work their wizardry to prepare for the RP Haven Christmas Geek Quiz, packed with fun and loot to collect for the winning team.

Here is a direct recall of the events that unfolded from the surviving Quiz Masters...

Lewisham Branch
Quiz Master Darren

"The Lewisham Branch had a fantastic quiz at the old Lewis Club! Over eight rounds including RPGs in pop culture, the not-quite-then-released The Last Jedi and nerd-centric South London, the quiz-goers were challenged on how many of Saturn's moons are larger than the Death Star, who the Beatles were going to play in their adaptation of Lord of the Rings, and what killed Homer Simpson when he played D&D. The victorious team was lead by our Branch Manager Ben, ensuring his leadership of the branch for another year."

Stratford Branch
Quiz Master Andrew, and Co

"Plotting, taunting, and tactics all came into play from Stratford teams last night!

It was a great night with some of the tables being made up full tables from the quarter's games and the rest were members mingling to try and get a winning combination, a tactic which caused amusing results. Not helped by the bonus round of making a d20 and correctly numbering it... kudos to the teams when they found out just how bad the glue sticks were with their wacky ideas to overcome this and there should have been a Haven Scouts badge for the team who used cigarette papers to stick their dice together!

Well done to all the teams, and as I said last night, thank you all for making the last year at Stratford such great fun and looking forward to gaming with you all next year, with a special thank you to our fantastic winner's Tentacular Spectacular who donated ALL their prize money to Stratford Branch's charity Mind which was totally unexpected and awesome of them!"

Congratulations to the Winning Teams

Lewisham Branch: Dungeon Bast**ds (2nd-year win)
Stratford Branch: Tentacular Spectacular
Charity Money Raised: £100

We hope you join us next year when we go triple with the newest branch Archway joining the fun! 

Prometheans: The Space Gods
North London Update VI - Archway Branch


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