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Chapter Three: Egypt Part One (with Nazis)


Warning: potential Masks of Nyarlathotep spoilers below.

Investigating The Mask of Nyarlathotep, the trail leads to Egypt. Here the action cabinet have a diplomatic incident of the punching kind with some Nazis…

Because punching occult Nazis never gets old.

Following leads that Carlyle was interested in and that Dr Gavigan had direct contact with Egypt the characters fly into the vipers' nest that is Cairo 1936. 1930's Cairo is a truly cosmopolitan and international city at the heart of Britain's Empire, and here the Mask's criminal gang of Egyptians, but also ex-pats like Syrians, Greeks and Turks (The Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh aka The Brotherhood) run the opium and heroin trade, whilst smuggling in guns to the anti-British Wafd revolutionaries and those Abyssinian exiles still fighting the Italian conquest of their homeland. Opposing them are the Cairo police, headed by the indomitable Russell Pasha.

Of course we can go absolutely bonkers in Pulp Egypt, there's just soooo much good stuff, but what do we need want? How much pop culture can we shamelessly rip off? Turns out, we can rip off a lot…

  • Nazis! Punchable occult Nazis doing something, probably trying to dig something up

  • Marketplace fights against scimitar-wielding assassins

  • Archaeology and the chance to Science!

  • Pyramids and lost Pharaonic tombs filled with traps and possibly fleshing eating scarabs

  • Mummies, and if there are mummies, there's probably a curse

  • A McGuffin someone is trying to get their hands on

  • And, because this is kinda sorta Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep himself

Nazis! We hate these guys ;)

The Nazis have sent a (heavily armed) research team of evil action scientists (boo!) to Egypt, supposedly looking for evidence of ancient Ayrans, Atlanteans or some other Nazi nonsense. However, secretly the inner circle of the team are cultists.

Beyond this reality – our reality there are other realities , to which our laws of time and space and gravity and other stuff do not apply. And not all of these realities are friendly, some are downright malignant and in there in the dark between the stars dwells something the Egyptians called Nyarlathotep.

In ancient Egypt it was called Nyarlathotep. To the Romans, Janus the God of Gateways. Amongst the fierce tribesmen in Burma it is Shugoran or Zhar, somewhere in Central Asia in hidden city of Yolgan it is known as Erlik, the Black Star, and to the Nazis it is the the Black Sun.

There are MacGuffins in Egypt these Nazis occults need, the Calculations of Akmallah, the Shinning Trapezohedron and the lost pyramid of the Black Pharaoh himself.

The race is now on. Can the heroes punch their way through all these Nazis? Is the hidden hand of The Mask behind all of this? Next time, Egypt Part 2…

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