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Chapter Four: Kenya


 Chapter Four: Kenya

Warning: potential Masks of Nyarlathotep spoilers below.

Pursuing The Mask, the characters swash buckles with one of the most fearsome of elements of The Mask's underworld empire; The Sengh Brotherhood of air pirates! Whether they fly into Kenya or else take a steamer from Suez to Mombasa , the Sengh air pirates will find them…

Air Pirates!

Aspects; Ruthless Air Pirates, Greedy for Plunder

Modes and Skills

Flying Boat+3

Athletics +4, Combat+4. Notice+3, Physique+5



Possible stunts include:

Lewis Guns: +2 to attack with Combat, Weapon: 4 (counts as two stunts)

Overwhelming number of brutes: +2 to use Combat to Create an Advantage by surrounding a single opponent (counts as one stunt)

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