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Chapter 5: Black Dragon Island


Warning: potential Masks of Nyarlathotep spoilers below.

President Robo and the Action Cabinet have pursued The Mask across three continents; punching his henchmen, avoiding his fiendish traps of death and foiling his foul schemes. Now The Mask has gone to ground, off the coast of China, on Black Dragon Island.

Now the race is on to assault Black Dragon Island before the Carlyle Experiment can be completed…

A ship captain's charts will tell you that 300 miles southeast of Shanghai there are merely unimportant reefs. What the charts don't tell you is that here actually lies Black Dragon Island, a long dormant volcano, the major cone long eroded into a broad lagoon.

The Mask's shadow fleet of pirate ship and tramp steamers including his flagship the salvaged Imperial German cruiser Atlantis use this lagoon as a natural anchorage. Perhaps the characters have tracked the rocket components The Mask's criminal network have been smuggling out of Europe to the base on Black Dragon Island?

The indigenous islanders have long been enslaved by The Mask to the worship of croaking fish-things.

Here The Mask of Nyarlathotep maintains a good old fashioned evil volcano lair. Yay!

Suspended over the volcano's lava pit on scaffolding and walkways is a rocket being prepped for launch. Though the rocket is not yet armed with its warhead, the launch is dramatically imminent as soon as the characters arrive.

The warhead is a radium bomb. Powerful enough to level a sacrificial city or perhaps briefly affect the atmosphere's composition in order to meet some impossible constant in a hyper dimensional equation? That's up to the characters to discover.

Perhaps it is a signal rocket? Bright enough to draw the Dark Star's attention Earthward?

Next time we'll stat out the Volcano Lair. 

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