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Chapter 3c: Still More Egypt


Warning: potential Masks of Nyarlathotep spoilers below.

Far out in the Egyptian desert is the lost tomb of the Black Pharaoh. This may not end well…

Eventually, following at least one market place ambush featuring scimitar-armed assassins, the characters will leave Cairo, either with the Clive Expedition or not, to race the Nazis to the lost tomb of the Black Pharaoh.

Somewhere out there is the tomb of a 3rd dynasty Pharaoh who was so terrible that their name was stricken from the stele at Memphis. This is the titular Black Pharaoh, who erected temples to Nyarlathotep and attempted to reform his subjects' religion to worship this hyper-dimensional entity. Legends speak of the Shining Trapezohedron, an artefact or device the priests used to contact Nyarlathotep, that was buried in the tomb, and the Nazis want it…

The pyramid itself lies in Upper Egypt, in the deep desert near the Sudanese frontier. It doesn't look right, there's something off about it – this'll give the characters the opportunity to science at it.

Inside it will of course contain numerous death traps and probably flesh eating scarabs and a good old fashion labyrinth to challenge the characters. At some point the ancient priests of Nyarlathotep will animate and attempt to kill the characters; I'll leave it up to you whether they're animated undead mummies or some kind of ancient Stygian automata. Inside they will also find much in the way of machinery; shafts, gears, balance weights, stuff like that.

At the centre of the pyramid, they will find the door to Pharaoh's tomb broken down as it someone or something was trying to get out! <thunder clamp> and an altar on which lies the Shining Trapezohedron, simmering and phasing in and out of our reality. Oh and it's guarded by Nyarlathotep but more on this later.

And once all this is dealt with, in an idea that's too cool not to steal, the pyramid begins to move as the ancient machinery grinds into life, as the pyramid deploys its death rays and wanders off to destroy Memphis… 

There's something not quite right with that pyramid...
Ia! Ia! Nyarlathotep
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