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Chapter 3b More Egypt


Warning: potential Masks of Nyarlathotep spoilers below.

The race is on. The Clive expedition are searching for the lost tomb of The Black Pharaoh, hot their heels come Evil Occult Nazis and flying into this hot mess come our heroes…

The obvious lead for the characters to investigate once they land in Cairo is the Penhew Foundations' agent; Faraz Najr. The front for Najr's activities is a curio shop which sells trinkets and small artefacts (some of which are even genuine) to tourists, whilst working to smuggle priceless artefacts out of, and to smuggle heroin into, Egypt. Najr's activities are well known to any who asks, but bribery and his connections keep the Egyptian Police out of his business.

And at the request of the Penhew Foundation he has been working to steal the Calculations of Akmallah from the Egyptian Museum.

Of course Faraz Najr is an operative in the Mask's Brotherhood. And of course the Brotherhood will dramatically kill him when he becomes a liability, that is; just before he spills the beans to the heroes. To do this The Brother will use non-Euclidean calculations to create in this reality a Hunting Horror.

Hunting Horror

"a coiling thing, like dozens of tangled black ropes. It had a single eye with three lobes. I couldn't tell if it had wings or not…"

Aspects: Interdimensional terror, relentless hunter, THE EYE!

Modes and Skills


Athletics+3, Notice+3, Physique+4, Provoke+4, Tooth and Claw+5


Eye Beam of Death+4


Monstrous Fangs; weapon 2

I sense prey; +2 to overcome with Notice when using whatever that thing is that looks like an eye

Physical Stress: 4 boxes

Mental Stress: 2 boxes

The Brotherhood is headquartered at Omar Shakti's cotton plantation and there the character's may encounter M'Weru herself! In Cairo M'Weru (if that be her real name) is using the alias Shefira Roash, a wealthy and influential Egyptian woman. From here she lead's her 'father's' efforts to infiltrate, influence and control the World.

M'Weru plays a complicated game. She might secretly hate The Mask and seek to bring him down, she might be looking to replace him, she might just be faking an alliance with the characters in order to draw them into a trap and destroy them…

Shefira Roash
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