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Announcements for ABM and elections for all branches.

Announcements for ABM and elections for all branches.

Each year your branch holds an ABM (Annual Branch Meeting), where they hold elections/re-election for people who wish to stand as committee members.

  • Stratford ABM will be held on Tuesday 12th September 2017 @ 19:15 and chaired by Garry Harper.
  • Lewisham ABM will be held on Wednesday 13th September 2017 @ 19:15 and chaired by David Coulter.

A simple agenda will be given to everyone who attends the night which will also offer you a free night for your participation. The meeting should only last 20 minutes.

The following are up for elections with a summary responsibility for each position:

Branch Manager

a) Responsible for the direction of their Branch, under the guidance of the Directors of the RP Haven CIC.

b) Acting as the figure head of their Branch and taking ultimate responsibility for all activities run by said Branch.

c) Managing Committee members, ensuring they are adhering to their roles, responsibilities and within Role Play Haven policies.

Games Coordinator

a) Manage games and update members on any changes by announcements at club meetings and postings to the club's website.

b) Organise and scheduling games to run at appropriately spaced intervals.

c) Ensure that any feedback from games is investigated and actioned accordingly.


a) Ensure that their Branch is within budget through the manner of managing and advising.

b) Ensuring that all outgoing and incoming money to the Role Play Haven's accounts are accounted for and there is an audit trail.

c) Ensuring that all outstanding monies are to be paid/received promptly both outgoing and incoming.

Member Representative x2

a) Acting as the primary source of communication between the Committee and the members/guest

b) Voicing member/guest complaints and suggestions at Committee meetings, and updating them with the results.

c) Supporting and guiding members/guests through the process of making a formal or informal complaint.

d) Acting as a mediator in informal disputes.

Members wishing to stand for elections must have a valid membership and apply online. Closing date is Friday 8th September 2017.

Click Here to stand as a committee member

Should you have further questions on ABM or positions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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