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A Halloween Scare feast at the Stratford Branch

​Tomorrow night is Halloween and the place to be for a real fright in the Stratford branch of the RP Haven.  In a horrifyingly evil scheme the Stratford branch has organised a Costume competition to raise money in aid of their local charity - MIND. 

So you got a mad, wonderful or insane Costume you want to wheel-out? Want to win some role play related prizes! Then rock down with your best (or worse) Costume to our Tuesday club night this week and try your luck with a £2 donation to enter competition 

​Time ​October 31, 2017 - 19:00 PM to 22:30
RP Haven - Stratford Branch,
Secret Weapon, 25 West Ham Lane, E15 4PH

​What's its about?
​Role Play, Halloween, Costume Competition, Prizes and Spooky Fundraising 
Kenya 4b: Kenya the Third
Kenya 4a: The Black Winds of Lost G’harne


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