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  Vampire, Dark Ages: Holy Wars 

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In the Holylands the sun rises from the east; prayers of the Muslims can be heard from each town and village; Christian bells ring from afar; farmers prepare another hard year of crops and rich men get fat.

In the West, the sun sets, past the Dead Sea and the land becomes unholy as Cainites walk the street and rule the City of Jerusalem, politics, and scheming become the domains of the Children of Caine.

The game is set in the Holylands of Jerusalem in 1185AD, just before the 3rd Crusade. Players will be invited to play any of the 13 clans, apart from Tremere and Assamites from Vampire: Dark Ages 2nd Edition (classic).

"There is peace between Christian and Muslim. We live together, between Saladin and the King. Did you think that would lay at the end of a Crusade?" - Baldwin IV



Starts from Tuesday 16 January 2018 Finishes on Tuesday 03 April 2018 Times: 19:00 to 22:30

Player Booked In: 0 | Max Players: | Free Space: 5
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Location: Archway Branch 

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