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  Dragons & Demons of Rondalimi (D&D 5ed) 

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A collection of tribespeople of many races and skills brought together to hunt on the destructive path of an Ancient Black Dragon - summoned to battle by a Balor of the Abyss, you are the heroes caught inside an epic civil war between two deadly foes. Demons waging against the dragons of Rondalimi. From settlements to cities, mountains to great lakes, this world created using the 5th Edition D&D Dungeon Masters Guide is for players with characters from level 1-3.


GM style. I am a professionally trained actor with a huge enthusiasm for role play. I will create challenging scenarios and aim to use to the best of my abilities the full capabilities of everyone involved. Like a lot of us, I am still learning this wonderful game, so I welcome beginners with open arms and I hope we can all find out more together. I feel that I have created a rich, colourful, yet deadly world, and I can't wait to let you to its secrets!

Starts from Tuesday 16 January 2018 Finishes on Tuesday 27 March 2018 Times: 19:00 to 22:30

Player Booked In: 0 | Max Players: | Free Space: 5
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Location: Archway Branch 

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