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Becoming a member has many benefits. You will receive a membership card that entitles you to discounts at a variety of roleplay and gaming stores and outlets. Membership at the RP Haven cost £8 for a year and expire at the end of September. This helps cover the cost of the venue and allows us to provide a library of roleplay books and board games for our members to use at our weekly gatherings, and pays for prizes at our special events.

Discount with your Card

Only members of the RP Haven with a valid membership card will receive discounts at any of the companies listed below.

Current Discounts:

  • The Role Play Haven Club Nights and Events (all branches)
  • RPGMiniatures (Online Discount)
  • Having a LARP (In Store Discount)
  • Age of Essance (Event Discount)
  • Leisure Games (In Store Discount)
  • Viking Store (In Store Discount)
  • Games Sesh (Online Discount)
  • Modiphius (Online Discount and Trade Stand)

Other Benefits:

  • Full player access to this website
  • Reserve your seat on any game for the gaming quarter or join waiting list if table is full
  • Apply to become a GM and run your own game at any branch. You also gain access to a whole new feature on this website to control your game and players - PLUS pay nothing for running your own game (GM Only)!
  • Volunteer and become part of the gaming community and get rewarded for your time with our unique Volunteer Rewards system.
  • and more!

Purchase your membership online here with our secure paypal payment services. Soon as you purchased via online your membership actives instantly!

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If you have chosen to purchase your membership card from one of our branches then you need to active your card before your able to use it. If you are having trouble activating your membership card,  or anther problems, please click here for help to view our FAQ.

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