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The GM Guide

"The GM Guide" as its known was formed and voted by GM community at Lewisham in June 2015. It is updated via feedback to your Committee, which is presented at meetings during the year which all branch Committees attend. All branches follow the same rules.

All GMs must follow the below rules:

1.0 Adjudicate your game fairly and remember you and the players come here to have fun.

1.1 Check that your players are booked into your game and that the website is up to date with what you are running. 

1.2 If you can’t attend your game please let the Games Coordinator and players know in advance. The Games Update is emailed on the day of the club night around 13:00 hour’s. This gives a summary of the games being run at the club.*

1.3 GM’s should aim to attend least 90% of their games during one-quarter. Games run for a minimum of three months. Please consult the Games Coordinator if you want to run a shorter game.* 

1.4 New GMs to the club will be assigned a GM mentor. GM Mentor is current GMs who run at The Role Play Haven (any branch). The GM Mentor but must be playing at your game and only provides advice to you at the end of the game session. (For more information on this, please speak to your Games Coordinator)*

1.5 Communicate with GMs and players: We suggest setting up a Facebook page or email tree to communicate with your players. We welcome you to use our facebook group, click here to join

1.6 Tidy up after yourself. This includes: putting your table and chairs back at the end of your session, removing rubbish and taking glasses back to the bar. 

1.7 Manage your table's noise level. Occasional outbursts and dramatic noise are fine but remember it’s a shared space.

1.8 Run with up to a maximum of six players per table (contact games coordinator if you wish to run with more).*

1.9 Manage your players: Players are expected to play for your whole quarter however they have the right to leave at any time. Sometimes you may need to remove players for a number of reasons. You have the right to do this at any time. 

1.10 GMs must have a valid membership.

1.11 GMs are classed as volunteers and are rewarded by not paying for the game they run. 

* This rule can by amended by your branch Games Coordinators - if your branch does not have a Games Co-coordinator then speak with your Branch Manager


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