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Complaints Procedure

This process tells you how to make a complaint at The Role Play Haven. This is the procedure that we will follow if your complaint is about someone’s conduct or behaviour. This could be because you think that someone has behaved in a way that is unsafe, discriminatory, offensive, intimidating or has breached the Code of Conduct at The Role Play Haven.

For complaints not related to another member conduct or behaviour, please speak to or e-mail a Member’s Rep who will be able to help you.

Values and Principles

You have the right to complain: We take complaints seriously. You will not be harassed, bullied or put at any disadvantage because of making a complaint.

Equality: You will receive a proper response to your complaint, regardless of your age, gender, disability, race, religion, nationality, social status, sexual orientation or political persuasion.

Fairness: We believe that complaints should be dealt with fairly and openly. Unless it would put other people at risk, those affected by a complaint should have a chance to contribute and respond to any investigation.

Confidentiality: We treat complaints as confidentially as possible.

How to Make a Complaint

Please contact a Member’s Rep who will help guide you through the process of making a complaint either by speaking to us in person at The Role Play Haven or by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This will automatically e-mail both currant Member Reps. We take all complaints seriously, and the action taken will depend upon the severity of the complaint.

There are two ways to make a complaint:

• Informal complaint
• Formal complaint

Making an Informal Complaint

Informal Complaints are generally verbal and are for quick problem solving rather than investigating and substantiating claims. They seek agreement and shared understanding of how to avoid problems in the future.

Informal action is usually appropriate when:

- The member complaining wishes to do it informally
- The allegations are less serious
- There is a chance of quickly stopping the problem before it develops

What we will do:

• We will speak informally to the member or involved without making any judgments, and restate our Code of Conduct
• We may negotiate individually to reach an agreement• We may bring the two sides together to conciliate, and resolve the issue through mediation without an investigation.• We will complete a confidential Incident Report for administrative use.

Making a Formal Complaint

Formal procedures are written. They are for substantiating a complaint with evidence, and for bringing the member involved together to try to reach a satisfactory outcome for all.

Formal action is usually appropriate when:

• The member complaining wants to do it formally
• The member has tried to resolve the problem informally and failed
• The allegations are very serious
• The member wants the complaint investigated
• The allegations are denied and the member complaining wants to try to substantiate them
• Discipline is a possible outcome if the allegations are substantiated
• The member complaining has been victimised for complaining
• The complaint is against a senior person and a formal procedure helps ensure the people involved are not disadvantaged.

What we will do:

• We will endeavour to reply to your letter/e-mail within two working days. If the matter is urgent, we will do our best to respond more quickly
• We will document every step to ensure consistency and fairness
• We will interview the member making the complaint and document the allegations
• will inform the person being complained about of the details, and ask them to respond
• If the facts are disputed, we will seek more information including evidence from any witnesses
• We will find whether the complaint has substance
• Depending on the severity of the complaint, it may be taken to an official Board of committee members. Please see our Code of Conduct for full details of the Board.
• We will report the process, the evidence, the findings and the recommended outcome
• We will implement the outcome or decide on other action.

If you have requested a formal investigation by the committee of The Role Play Haven it is of vital importance that any and all developments involving or affecting the incident/member be reported to the Member’s Rep immediately so that they may be taken into consideration during the complaints process.

Possible outcomes and results of a complaint
In many cases, we are able to resolve problems informally through conversation and mediation. Outcomes of an Informal Complaint may include:

• A change in arrangements for particular activities
• An explanation or apology
• An agreement to communicate or act differently in future between the member involved
• A recommendation to make a Formal Complaint 

Outcomes of a Formal Complaint may include:

• Formal mediation carried out by a member of the committee
• A decision to refer the case to another organisation, such as the Police or Social Services
• Closure of your complaint without action
• Formal disciplinary action against a member under The Role Play Haven’s rules detailed in our Code of Conduct

The level of discipline will depend on:

• The severity and frequency of the discrimination or harassment
• The weight of the evidence
• Whether the behaviour was intentional or malicious
• Existence of any prior incidents or official warnings
• Whether there are any mitigating circumstances

Discipline could involve:

• Apologising
• A warning/strike (as a part of a Three Strike Rule)
• Membership revoked
• Banned from participating at The Role Play Haven for a set period of time
• Permanently Banned from participating at The Role Play Haven

Questions or Queries About this Procedure
If you have a general query about this complaints procedure then please contact a member of the committee in person or by e-mail.

At any time anyone involved in a complaint can seek legal advice and bring representatives to any interviews or meetings.

At any time you have the right to contact an external agency for advice or help.


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