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  The Strange: Dark Spiral 

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Underneath our universe lies a another made of dark energy called the Strange. This energy network is filled with strange worlds created by humanity’s collective imagination. These worlds are called Recursions and as an agents of the Estate it is your job to defend the metaphysical borders of Earth. This might mean tracking down goblins in the streets of London, battling a dragon with magic in the recursion of Ardyen or visiting the Night Circus on the streets of Halloween.


The Strange is set in the modern day where you are agents of a private institute called the Estate, its your job to keep the Earth safe from both the creatures of the Strange and from those trying to use the unstable power of the Strange for their own gain. You have the inate ability to  travel to these other worlds called Recursions and each world you go to shapes under its own unique natural laws, so on Ardeyn (which is created from our sword and sorcery fiction) you might use magic but on Ruk (which is birthed from science fiction) you’ll use bio augmented weapons or psychic powers.


The Strange uses the Cypher system, the same as Numenera, which is a very rules light d20 system which is very quick to pickup. For this quarter depending on the players we’ll be doing a series of short one or two session adventures hopefully showing off a range of different worlds and styles of play. It should be a pretty lighthearted goofy time, im a pretty relaxed GM and with it being summer I’ve made this series easy to drop in and out of as people have holidays, etc...


If you want some more information about character creation, the world etc.. drop me an email or facebook message and ill post some links on the GM blog.



Starts from Tuesday 27 June 2017 Finishes on Tuesday 12 September 2017 Times: 19:00 to 22:30

Player Booked In: 0 | Max Players: | Free Space: 5
The GM has certified this game as (Mature 16+)

Location: Stratford Branch - for address please select "contact us" from the top menu

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