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Hi Sword swingers and gunslingers! 

We are pleased to officially announce that we have filled the role of Volunteer Financial Controller and Community Director. 

Volunteer Financial Controller

A big warm welcome to Derek Cox who has joined the RP Haven as our Volunteer Financial Controller. Derek is an avid gamer, assisting with a board gaming club outside of London, and is excited to bring his financial experience from his career to the RP Haven. The role of a financial controller involves overseeing the company accounts and making sure everything runs smoothly. Derek will be coordinating with branch treasurers, ensuring paperwork is updated, projecting finance figures for the Board meeting and the day-to-day financial operations of the company. 


Community Director 

We are also excited to welcome David Coulter onto the the Board of Directors as our Community Director. Dave has been volunteering with the RP Haven for the past two years as Games Coordinator in our Stratford branch. One of the Role Play Haven's main focuses is giving back to the community, which is why we, with the support of members, transformed the club into a Community Interest company. Dave will be directing the Role Play Haven further towards this goal; supporting branches and making gaming fun, whilst also contributing towards the local community.


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