The Role Play Haven

James leaves Directorship

James Desmond resigns his position as Director of The Role Play Haven CIC. James is the second longest serving volunteering, the total of 5 years. During his time he has been responsible, alongside other team members for forming the club into a Community Interest Company and helping to achieve our mission statement. He also lead the company over a period of his time as a club/company Chair, giving new directions which have benefited the company greatly. 

James stated the reason for his resignation was due to work commitments and moving further away. He also stated he would not be able to give the time or be able to attend any of the branches.

Due to the commitment and tireless dedication, James has given to The Role Play Haven, the Board of Directors and the community we giving a tribute to him by adding special thanks to him on our website, on its relaunch. James has and always will be the heart of the company. 

The Board of Directors is currently not seeking any replacement of his position at this time. 


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