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Dear Members,

We created a facebook group known as 'Members of RP Haven' as a filler, due to the website malicious cyber attack at the start of this year and found it to be very successful, thanks to you, the community.

Unfortunately, facebook does not offer any support to integrate Groups with our website or other sites and our volunteers are already stretched. We do not wish to close this Group down, although we will be withdrawing our support from this Group, we want you the members to continue to use it as a community. 

Removing our support will mean Committee members will no longer be expected to post Games Updates here, as we have done so for last 4 months. Games Updates will be displayed on our website, twitter, direct email to you and our official facebook page. This also includes Club News and other announcements. Some committee members may choice to continue to use it here, but this will be their choice. (you can also subscribe to email here)

We strongly encourage all members to continue to use this group and sorry we cannot give the support we wish. This will take effect from 1st June 2017.

The good news is the RP haven website is now live for you to view. However registration of your card will not be ready for anther 24 hours yet.


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