The Role Play Haven

  •     11 September 2017

    ABM and elections Update for all Branches

    ABM and elections Update for all Branches

    This Tuesday (12th Sep) we have Stratford annual branch meeting (ABM) followed by Lewisham (13th Sep) the next day. Both starting at 19:15 and should last no

  •     03 September 2017

    Membership and T-Shirts

    We're very pleased to present our new membership cards for 2017-2018. They are now available to buy online on our website. Branch purchase will not be available until the last week of September

  •     22 August 2017

    Announcements for ABM and elections for all branches.

    Announcements for ABM and elections for all branches.

    Each year your branch holds an ABM (Annual Branch Meeting), where they hold elections/re-election for people who wish to stand as committee

  •     21 August 2017

    North London Branch - Update II

    After a number of delays, we're pleased to announce we are finally ready to start forming North London Branch. Our estimated date for the doors to open will be summer 2018 and we've got a lot of

  •     16 August 2017

    Members T-Shirts

    After many years of feedback and demand from you the members, we're delighted to announce from 1st September 2017 we will be offering Members only T-Shirts. 

    The design on the reverse of the t-shirt

  •     31 July 2017

    Directors and Volunteers

    Hi Sword swingers and gunslingers! 

    We are pleased to officially announce that we have filled the role of Volunteer Financial Controller and Community Director. 

    Volunteer Financial Controller

    A big

  •     30 June 2017

    New Committee Member- Stratford

    Hello all Dice rollers and story tellers! 

    Over at the Role Play Haven Stratford Branch we have had a change in our lovely committee and we'd like to talk about it.

    Federico Sohns has stepped down as

  •     06 June 2017

    James leaves Directorship

    James Desmond resigns his position as Director of The Role Play Haven CIC. James is the second longest serving volunteering, the total of 5 years. During his time he has been responsible, alongside other

  •     29 May 2017

    Our Facebook Group

    Dear Members,

    We created a facebook group known as 'Members of RP Haven' as a filler, due to the website malicious cyber attack at the start of this year and found it to be very successful, thanks to you,

  •     15 May 2017

    Volunteer Needed

    We're currently looking for a number of volunteers to help build The RP Haven community further.


    Volunteer Financial Control

    The role of a financial controller involves overseeing the company

  •     21 April 2017

    We're back!

    As many of you are aware our website was maliciously cyber attacked last year. It was only in January 2017 our website was taken down for the safety of our members and public. 

    Why has it taken so



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