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Terms and Conditions - Membership Card

1. These are the terms and conditions applicable to The Role Play Haven Membership card (“Terms”). In these Terms, “you/r” refers to the name written on the membership card, and “we” and “us” refers to The Role Play Haven.

2. Your membership is valid until end of September each year. If you are unable to use your membership card at any stage during this time refunds or extensions cannot be offered in any circumstances.
2.1 The Role Play Haven owns your membership card.
2.2 Your card can be removed from you if you are banned from any branch of The Role Play Haven, or if your membership is revoked.
2.3 By you purchasing the membership card you agree to follow the clubs code of conduct.

Conditions of Refund
3. No refund can be issued for the purchase of a membership card.

Membership card
4. To validate your membership card, it must be signed upon receipt.
4.1 You who are unable to show a valid membership card on entry may be required to pay non-membership rate before you are admitted to a game, which is non-refundable.
4.2 Lost or stolen membership cards will be replaced free of charge in the first instance. Subsequent requests for a replacement card will each carry a £5 administration charge (unless, in the event of theft, a police report is provided). In all cases, the minimum time taken for replacement cards to be dispatched is 1 week. Cards are to be collected at the club venue.

5. Your membership card is only valid at selected shops stated on 'Members Discounts' page.
5.1 Your membership card offers you discount at the Role Play Haven off £1.00 per night on all gaming nights.

6. By you purchasing this card you agree to the above terms and conditions.


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