The Role Play Haven
In the beginning... Our story in short!

The Role Play Haven started as most RP groups tend to – we gathered at a friend’s house to play. As the number of interested people increased it became apparent that squeezing fifteen gamers around one table is something of a challenge. It was decided that a larger venue was needed, or the beloved 'Wednesday Night Roleplay', as it was known to members, would cease to be.

In 2010, a handful of the players decided to set up the Role Play Haven at The Lewis Club, behind Lewisham Hospital. Since then it has grown over the years, to over one hundred enthusiastic members. We have six or more games running each Wednesday at Lewisham and a similar amount at our Stratford branch.

In 2015 RP Haven set up as a Community Interest Company, allowing us to expand and raise money for charity, as well as provide a brilliant gaming experience.

In 2016 We launched Stratford Branch in East London.

In 2018 We launched Archway Branch in North London.


The Committee

Each branch has its own Committee which is elected each year at their ABM (Annual Branch Meeting).

This Committee is voted for by the club members, and exists for the club members. They are accountable for their actions, and members decide what happens and when it happens (within reason). Should a Committee member find that they are unable to continue in their role, another Committee Member will take on the role until a suitable replacement is found, voted in by you. All committee positions are held for a maximum of one year. 


Over here at the RP Haven we do a lot more than game, we support the local community, the local people and the Role Play community. The RP Haven is volunteer-based, community driven CIC. This means The Role Play Haven is a not for profit community interest company (CIC), which is special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders.  ...

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