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Who is The Mask of Nyarlathotep?


"From the sleeves of this gown protruded hands which filled me with crawling horror--long, predatory hands, with thin bony fingers and curved talons--withered skin of a parchment brownish-yellow, like the hands of a man long dead. "  Skullface by Robert E Howard

From the Oval Office President Robo's two-fisted action cabinet swing into action…

On the mean streets of New York City Jack 'Devilfish' Marsh and his mobsters smuggle heroin through China Town while Dr Jackson Elias becomes the next in a line of scientists to mysteriously disappear. Behind all of this President Robo sees the hidden hand of a villain known only as <thunder sound> The Mask of Nyarlathotep…

But, who is The Mask of Nyarlathotep? What is he? If a man he be?

To the heroin-addled addicts in New York and London he is The Scorpion, master of a criminal empire of corruption, who's tentacles stretch from port-city to port city; from Shang-Hai to San Francisco and New York, and from London to Marseille, with legions of gangsters at his command.

However, to others The Mask is an ancient Egyptian sorcerer, maybe he is the fabled Black Pharaoh himself, whose name was stricken from the stele at Memphis? His ancient robes stretched over a thin frame and the pharaonic funerary mask that hides his face suggests so. If this is true, perhaps he really is the last priest ancient Nyarlathotep (or as he is known in Persia; Erlik or the Dark Star)? Those rebel Burmese tribesmen who pledge their loyalty to The Mask say that he is a master wizard, immortal thanks to his command of an ancient elixir of life. Perhaps then he has mastered the sciences of hyper-dimensional geometry?

Still others say that he is the last survivor of the Atlantean race, or else he hails from lost Lemuria? Then he perhaps has access to lost city of G'harne in Africa, about which old African hands tell tales of vaults filled with gold, degenerate ape things and the last of the fabled and horrific Chthonians.

What does he want? No sane man really knows. We do know that he controls the heroin trade from China into Europe and the United States, via which he compels a hidden army of dope-fiend agents. He supplies arms to rebels in Abyssinia and to fierce tribesmen across the Indian frontier and Burma. He has a network of spies across China and perhaps a secret submarine base somewhere in the Caribbean. They say he can make the dead walk, perhaps through the application of some undiscovered chemical compound? The fact that his bodyguards are said to be revivified soldier mummies lends some credence to this tale,

Whoever or whatever The Mask of Nyarlathotep truly is, he is said to be recently in company of a woman, as exotic as she is deadly. At times she is said to be The Mask's daughter, but her actual identity is unknown as she has gone by many aliases, and it was under the presumed alias of M'Weru that she arrived in American and made contact with the playboy Roger Carlyle…

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The Mystery of the Carlyle Experiment


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