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The Mystery of the Carlyle Experiment


​More rambling on the subject of Atomic Robo vs The Mask of Nyarlathotep...

In 1930 Roger Carlyle funded a team of scientist to "explore the frontiers of humanities scientific knowledge". Months later he announced that he was on the verge of a major breakthrough. The next day Carlyle and his team disappeared and no trace of them has been seen since.

Six years later, someone starts murdering scientists in New York.

1930 New York City Playboy Robert Carlyle meets M'Weru and gains a sudden interest in cutting edge science. He enters into partnership with Dr Huston and the Penhew Foundation and funds a private research lab.

Summer, 1930 An article appears in the NY Daily News announcing that Carlyle and his team are on the threshold of a major scientific that will "revolutionise our understanding of the world"

The next day the entire Carlyle Team disappears. The NYPD investigate, but no trace of them is found. Eventually all members of the team are declared dead.

1936 Dr Jackson Elias, a Tesladyne Action Scientist, arrives in New York. He has spent the last few years investigating the mystery of the Carlyle Experiment. Two days later he is murdered.

Carlyle's Team

Capt. Jack 'Brass' Brady

Veteran US Marine, previously served in China and in various Banana Wars across Central America. Was acting as Roger Caryle's muscle and bodyguard

Dr Roberta Hutson

Mathematician from Miskatonic U, building upon Dr Gilman's work in hyper-dimensional geometry

Roger Carlyle

A wastrel and playboy, part of the famed Carlyle fortune. He is said to have pulled himself together after his parents died in an automobile accident. Has used his fortune to finance fantastical experiments

Sir Aubrey Penhew

Head of the famous Penhew Foundation for Scientific Research, Cambridge

Hypatia Masters

Wealthy socialite, old friend of Carlyle and probable former girlfriend. A would-be photographer and journalist. Wrote occasionally for the NY Daily News


Carlyle's exotic love interest and inspiration. Secretly she is the beautiful and treacherous daughter of the fiendish Mask of Nyarlathotep…

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