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The Insect's Foul Conspiracy


An alien conspiracy eats away at the British Empire. Only Atomic Robo's action cabinet can punch their way to its foul heart!


  • Alliance: The Mask of Nyarlathotep and alien insects
  • Goal: Turn Parliament into possessed flesh puppets
  • Weakness: Betrayal at any moment


  • Influence +4
  • Power +5
  • Might +3
  • Reach +3
  • Resources +4
  • Secrecy +5

Conspiracy Stress = 7 boxes

And when the alien's secret base hidden within the London Underground is uncovered, then the Insects of Yuggoth will unleash…

Alien Fighting Machine

Aspects: a walking engine of glittering metal, Ulla!

Modes: Fighting Machine +3

Skills: Black Smoke +3, Body +4, Heat-Ray +5, Legs +5

Stress: 2 boxes

Chapter Three: Egypt Part One (with Nazis)
Chapter Two – Foggy Ol' London Town


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