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The Earthquake Horror!


Scientists are being kidnapped and a mysterious earthquake strikes the Manhattan…

Quick post tonight fleshing out a randomly generated pulp plot.

Scientists across New York are disappearing. Maybe goons have stolen an earthquake machine? Either way the Action Cabinet fear that they have stumbled upon The Mask's latest scheme to destroy America.

Under cover of a mysterious earthquake, goons snatch a famous scientist has they evacuate a Broadway Theatre.

The characters investigate and discover that The Mask plans to destroy the Statue of Liberty using an Earthquake Machine! As the characters race to save Lady Liberty, The Mask's gigantic zeppelin flies into view over the New York Harbour and panic grips the streets.

President Robo scrambles the Air Corps to intercept, the characters confront The Mask only to discover he has not invented an earthquake machine, but a device to summon one of the legendary and terrible Cthonians and now the characters have a giant monster to defeat!

Hopefully The Mask's fiendish plan is foiled and maybe the characters will invent something to follow the Chthonians through the Earth's core towards the lost city of G'harne… 

Chapter Two – Foggy Ol' London Town
Chapter One – New York


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