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President Atomic Robo


From Washington DC President Robo comes flying into action and adventure…

President Atomic Robo written up for the Atomic Robo rpg


Concept: I am President Robo

President: Remember, the President is a good guy

Robot: Built like a tank

Action: Two-fisted administration

Omega: I have the best plans

Modes and Skills

President +3

Contacts+5, Deceive+3, Empathy+4, Rapport+4, Provoke+4, Will+4


Athletics+3, Notice+3, Physique+3


Combat+2, Vehicle+2


Atomic Strength: Absolutely stronger than any human. Fists count as weapon2. +2 to overcome obstacles by jumping

Just Guns: Bulletproof, but weak vs electromagnetic forces. Counst as armour2 vs everything else

Signature Aspect: I am President Robo

Hail to the Chief: +2 to overcome using Rapport when leveraging my Presidential authority

Air Corps One: Function Aspect: The President's reliable DC-3, Flaw Aspect: A Star Spangled Target, +1 to overcome using Vehicles when airborne, Can use Vehicles to attack when using the plane's guns, Surprise Machine Guns weapon2, Armour Plated armour1

10 Stunt bonuses, therefore 10-5=+5 fate points for the GM's budget

Physical Stress boxes=4

Mental Stress boxes=4

Air Corp One, a star spangled target
Chapter One – New York
Dragonmeet 2017


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