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North London Branch - Update IV

Survey Result

Here further updates on North London and what we're doing.

A massive 78 people replied back now, to our survey and it's giving us a clear picture that Archway is the location to aim for! "RP Haven: Archway Branch"? This has links to the underground, great bus network, and the overground train station. We also calculated from the data, many of you travel past this area on your work travel.

Most of you asked for Wednesday, followed by Thursday and Monday. However, there are many other local gaming clubs in the area who operate on Thursday and we do not wish to affect their membership, so that night out for us.

We're currently in talks with two venues at the moment and hope one of them have availability for Wednesday and able to support us. If this is not the case, we may have to look into alternative venues or gaming nights such as Monday.

Once again thank you all for your support and for the some of you who have stepped forward to help us, as a volunteer. If we have not contacted you yet, we will do soon.

Remember its still early yet and things can change.

President Robo vs The Mask of Nyarlathotep
Announcements for ABM and elections for all branch...


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