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Hello all Dice rollers and story tellers!

Over at the Role Play Haven Stratford Branch we have had a change in our lovely committee and we'd like to talk about it.

Federico Sohns has stepped down as one of the Member Reps for the branch to concentrate on writing his own role play game - Nibiru. The RP Haven wishes to thank him for all the valuable contributions to the club he has made and wish him well in his own adventure towards published Author. Federico has brought us brilliant story telling and amazing role play, even giving us the privilege of play testing his own up-and-coming game! If you want to check out Federico and support an upcoming writer check out the website at

So to take up the mantle and carry on representing all our amazing members we are happy to announce our new member rep, Virginia Page. Our member reps help make our clubs what the are: they ensure that all decisions and actions taken by the the Committee reflect the wishes of the branch members, ensure that club nights run smoothly and are full of fun, and ensure that there is a always a friendly face that you can approach on a club night.

Virginia has been a member of our Stratford community both GMing and playing, and we are excited to welcome her on board as our newest volunteer at the Role Play Haven. 

Members T-Shirt
James Leaves Directorship


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