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Chapter Two – Foggy Ol' London Town


Warning: potential Masks of Nyarlathotep spoilers below.

Following leads, President Robo sends a delegation to investigate the Penhew Foundation for Scientific Research…

In previous posts we have outlined possible New York-centred antics, no we cross the Pond to investigate the secretive doings of the Penhew Foundation for Scientific Research.

Since the disappearance of Sir Aubrey Penhew, the Penhew Foundation has been headed by Prof Edward Gavigan. Initially Prof Gavigan was a humble lecturer hailing from Birchester University, but has manoeuvred his way into the position of Sir Penhew's chief scientist and since Sir Penhew's disappearance six years ago he has leveraged that position to become head of the Foundation.

Now instead of heading up some old timey cult, Prof Gavigan instead becomes a liaison for an alien invasion, a willing servant to the strange alien insects he encountered in the woods outside of Birchester one midsummer's eve…

But, supposing this games plays out something like your vanilla game of Masks, here are some possible highlights…

  • The Penhew Foundation's London office, and the secret basement labs where Prof Gavigan experiments on and with the insects, and where his insect allies hold specimens for their vivisection
  • Recover Penhew's non-Euclidean calculations and Gavigan's alien communicator
  • The offices of the tabloid The Scoop, who's crazy editor is obsessed with a "Martian invasion"
  • Alien infiltrators moving to control Parliament, London, and through them Britain and the Empire and the World! And, the efforts of Inspector Barrington of The Yard to thwart them
  • The Mask of Nyarlathotep's ring to smuggle guns and drugs through the Limehouse docks

Eventually the characters will follow leads to Foundation's main private laboratory located in a 17th century manor house close to the Fens just outside of Cambridge proper. There they will uncover the insane and bloody hyper-dimensional geometric calculations that Gavigan and his research team need to perform to contact… the Insects of Yuggoth.

Next post I'll plan to explore the alien infiltration and their plans for invasion, and how it all relates to The Mask's mad schemes. 

The Penhew Foundation's private laboratory
An alien insect
This will not end well...
The Insect's Foul Conspiracy
The Earthquake Horror!


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